What is this game?
Best described as a combination of Escaflowne, Evangelion and X-COM. As the description suggested, the game will be a drop-in/out game and will be run with four to five players each session and one session will mostly encompass a single encounter or mission.

Escaflowne, Evangelion and X-COM?
For those who haven’t watched the show, think feudal times with the addition of mechanical robots. Evangelion accurately describes the sort of situation that humanity finds themselves in the world. As for X-COM, the Titans are powered by the blood and hearts taken from these monsters. New resources open up new opportunities and new weapons.

What system?
Using the L5R system, players will create characters of their design, and additionally will create another character that represents the Titan they pilot. Naturally, the scale between these two will be different for obvious reasons, but the ‘humans’ will not be useless. Far from it.

What are the Titans?
Approximately thirteen meter long constructs of metal, engineering and magic blended together in order to create a weapon to defend humanity. A wiki page will detail them more accurately in the near future.


Titans of Cydonia Pancake_Ninja